Digilent Website Review & Ratings + Digilent Coupons
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Digilent Website Review & Ratings + Digilent Coupons

Digilent: Products & Services

A leader in providing electrical engineering products, http://digilentinc.com offers students, institutions and OEMs with up to date educational tools. They design, produce and distribute their products worldwide and is now know to more than 70 countries and can be found in more than 2000 universities. 

Their technology based products range from Analog designs, Microcontroller and chipKIT Boards, FMC peripheral cards, a wide range of PMODs (Photochemical Metal- Organic Deposition),  FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) and PSoC(Programmable System on Chip) Kits which are all essentials in keeping up with the recent technology trends. They also offer programming solution references, free software, powerful and cost effective robotics components, accessories and Textbook bundles.

Digilent: Company Background

Established by two Washington University Electrical Engineering professors namely Clint Cole and Gene Apperson in 2000, Digilent’s initial goal is to address the need of integrated programming boards for their class lectures, they utilize their boards to develop a teaching method of lecture and hands – on training. They later on designed and distributed their boards making it accessible worldwide.

Now having offices in US, Taiwan, China and Romania, they provide low cost and high end solutions to a variety of clients.

Digilent: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Review for one of Digilent’s chiKit Uno 32 from tronixstuff cited its speed as faster and more impressive than another mentioned brand, however, user comments have mentioned some challenges in the device compatibility and temperature ranges.

Diverse reviews have been given for Digilent Atlys from the EEVblog community forum. It has cited the product’s positive and negative attributes, being low cost but with good value, protective resistors for collision and compact. Being hard to find and some accessory mounting issues are among its negative attribute mentioned by the author and the commentators on the blog.

Amazon’s customer reviews rated their chipKIT 32 a 4.2 out of a possible 5 with positive comments for its speed, high memory and compatibility features. Another review from Servo Magazine for Digilent’s NEXYS3 Spartan-6 FPGA Board contains a comment crediting the product for the performance of an air condition unit.

Digilent: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Upon checking, Digilent is not BBB accredited as of this time, but they are a member of Trenz Electronic a company that specializes in design of high speed data acquisition, precise measurement systems and digital processing. They are also in partnership with Analog Devices, Microchip, Micron and Cypress. They also have the Xilinx University program which is committed to aiding students worldwide by providing access to updated tools and hardware design kits to enhance their engineering education.

Digilent: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Their website globally ranks at 247,637 and 202,693 in the US with 763 sites linking in according to Alexa. It ranks 4,434 in New Zealand, 91,917 in Canada and 93,952 in Spain. Their frequent visitors are single males of 18 to 24 age rank and are graduate school educated. Google Page Rank rated the site a 5 out of a possible 10.

Digilent: Social Media Presence

Digilent has a Facebook page currently having 3,259 likes. The page is religiously updated and is also used to share technology based information using videos and updates.  It also contains photos of their featured devices, hardware and accessories.  They also hold a YouTube page with 499 subscribers and 148,354 views as of date. It is filled with instructional videos to aid users get optimum benefits on their devices. The page is also religiously updated.

Digilent: Website Security & Safety

Upon running the Google diagnostic test on Digilent’s site, it showed to be safe and is not listed to be suspicious over the past 90 days. There were no malicious software and is safe for browsing. It also did not appear to be a host or intermediary of any malicious site. McAfee site advisor also found the site to be safe with no significant or remarkable problems to be found.

Digilent: Pricing & Packages

Since the company supports and promote accessibility of their devices to students, their rates and prices are lower compared to other brands. Their textbooks may be purchased individually or in bundles with academic rates. They also offer discounts for larger purchases and for orders that caters to 25 or more students. Interested parties may also order thru Web sales using letterhead and signed by appropriate signatories. They also accept orders by phone-in and email.

Digilent: Shipping Rates & Policies

Order shipment is usually within 1 business day upon order placement depending on item availability. International shipping times usually takes 2-3 days. The customer will shoulder any and all transport fees and/or taxes associated with shipping and receiving the order. Unpaid fees will result in unsuccessful delivery and will not yield refunds. An order confirmation will be sent by email to the customer upon order confirmation. It will be sent to the email address registered upon checkout.

Digilent: Payment Methods Accepted

Payments using check, credit card and wire transfers will be honored depending on the methofd the order were placed. Phone in orders may be phoned or faxed and must include customer name, university affiliation, credit card information, description of ordered items and shipping address. Email orders also require the same information and will be responded with an email confirmation and may require advance payment in some cases.

Digilent: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Returns are honored for a full refund within 30 days upon purchase date provided that it contains complete accessory and in full packaging. It must be damage free and with the original invoice attached. The products are all warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defect for 30 days from purchase date. The items which are not submitted to unusual pressure in the 30 day period may be exchanged.

Digilent: Product images & screenshots
Digilent Coupons
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